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Slow Intermittent Data Connectivity at peak hours


Slow Intermittent Data Connectivity at peak hours

Is anyone else having very slow / intermittent data connectivity even while on a good signal?  This is while connected to a HSPA 7.2 mbps 3g tower during most weekdays and almost all week nights (peak hours I presume).


In the early mornings and weekends I can generally run between 3-5 mbit download and 1 mbit upload on this tower.  But, on a Monday night for instance, I average between 40 kbit - 300 kbit download / 10-300 kbit upload, but the worst part is that half of the time I actually have ZERO throughput.


The strange thing is that this only started happening in February 2012.  Prior to that, I had no issues.  This is affecting all three of my phones.  Iphone 4, Galaxy Note, and Inspire 4g.


I've swapped sim cards, done factory resets, had two replacement phones sent (because AT&T customer service says that the tower isn't having any issues... ya right).  I even rooted my Inspire, tried several different radios and ROM's, but that didn't help either.


What does seem to temporarily restore connectivity is to turn the phones wireless off (airplane mode) for a couple of minutes, then back on.  Generally that will get me a few minutes of connectivity, but it isn't consistent at all.


I asked a lot of my friends that live in the same town I live in, and they are experiencing the same issues...


So, has anyone had this issue?  Has AT&T fixed the issue for you?  If so, what did they do?


Side note: I commute from my small town to Houston, where I get EXCELLENT LTE coverage (30 mbit down / 10-20 mbit up).  Its only when connected to HSPA that my data connectivity gets bad.

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