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Slow DOWNLOAD speeds on the edge network.


Slow DOWNLOAD speeds on the edge network.

I'm currently using the Sierra Wireless 881u modem and connect to the edge network with five bars.  When I speedtest my connection it'll pretty much always show the speed at around 100-120k.  But, when I attempt to download ANYTHING the download speed stalls at a whimpy 25k.  I have called tech support and they told me there's nothing they can really do because they go by  the speedtest and that shows the connection working fine.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

P.S. I have tried the modem on 3 different computers(2 desktops and a laptop) and the samething happened on all of them.
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Re: Slow DOWNLOAD speeds on the edge network.

Is it always the same type of dowload that is slow?  Have you tried dowloading from different locations to make sure it's not the site you are downloading from that is having the problem?  You may also want to make sure you are not using the accelerated function in the communications manager.
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Re: Slow DOWNLOAD speeds on the edge network.

Yeah, I have tried many different sites and even tried to download files from a near by server.  Everything leads to a top speed of about 25k.  I really think my connection is capped or something..
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Re: Slow DOWNLOAD speeds on the edge network.

That's because downloads are measured in bytes, not bits. 25K with EDGE translates to around 200k in network bandwidth. You'll never do much better than this with EDGE in the current crop of devices and the current EDGE networks.
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