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Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain


Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

The LTE service has arrived in San Francisco (for at least testing, I assume). After having my Samsung Galaxy S II since early November 2011 (and all in the SF area) the icon at the top of the phone only said "4G". This (the Samsung manual told me) meant it the device was running on AT&T's HSPA+. On Friday and sporadically through the weekend of December 10-11, the LTE icon next to the 4G would light up, again, in SF.


What this has resulted in (for the last two days) is two complete battery drains in a short time (a few hours)-when the phone was doing NOTHING. After three hours of sitting in the coat pocket this morning, doing NOTHING, I reached in for the device, found it was very WARM, and found the batter at 30%.


I called it in to AT&T and asked for information. The polite support woman had no information. (As an aside, why doesn't AT&T insist their engineers update their customers either through messages or postings to their support people of developments which may have an effect on devices or service?)


Does any know if network testing of the AT&T LTE service has an effect on devices, like battery drain? Or is this the future of my Skyrocket on LTE? I have read on some of the Android forum of huge battery drain of these devices on LTE. And I have the power management app (the one native to the Samsund Skyrocket) turned on. Before these LTE developments in SF, the device was working normally and battery life was decent, if not good; so it wouldn't be my other battery useage.

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

LTE = more battery drain. That's a given. While it shouldn't really drain your battery in 3 hours, it does drain much faster if you're using the data. Even though you're not using the phone at the time, the phone has so many things sync at the background depending on how you set it up. You need to identify which app is using your battery/data so much. Also if you're constantly switching in and out of LTE signal, it may cause battery drain as well.

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

Thanks for your helpful post. Running new tests over the next day or so. I'll make another post on this soonest.  (BTW, fully charged, I turned on the device overnight (on silent mode and again in Power Saving Mode). Seven hours of doing nothing-11% battery remaining. Will take your suggestion and see what has been running after a no activity run over night. Will also do a run with no activity on WiFi and compare battery life remaining and what has been running. Suspecting preliminarily you are correct that the AT&T network testing/roll out here in San Francisco of LTE is triggering "on-off"/"in-out" of LTE signal resulting in the drain issue. Please look again later.


Other suggestions to this conversation are welcome.

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

remember to do the full battery drain for the first 3 weeks

then use battery juice and task destroyer

my skyrocket can go 20 hours now without charging vs. 5 hours when I first got it

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

I think this issue is resolving itself. The primary symptom was a constant (as in non-stop, all the time) exchange of data between the device and the servers via the 4G LTE network being tested here in San Francisco. The evidence was the "waves" of data exchange showing near the 4G icon at the top of the device screen.


I had to start turning off widgets which require data (news. weather, finance, Twitter, etc.) and delete my email accounts. Nothing improved until the email accounts were deleted. The device then calmed down, got cooler and the waves of data exchange more in a normal pattern.


The exact technical cause remains a mystery.


I'll now have to build the widgets back in and monitor for changes.


Further updates to follow. Thanks to all for their suggestions and ideas.

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

I'm still struggling with terrible battery life.


What did you do?


I'm in DC which is fully functioning LTE, so no "on and off" the network.



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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

turn off the radio when not in use

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

I took the phone to the AT&T retail store and got some help.


First they changed the SIM. I don't think this did a lot but they wanted to do it.


Next I started deleting widgets off the seven home screens. I don't know that this did a lot but they wanted to do it.


Next I deleted my email accounts on the native Samsung email app. That immediately got the phone to calm down. The AT&T folks in the store speculated somehow the LTE signals had triggered the email app into constantly resyncing. Doesn't sound right to me but the phone calmed down. I didn't like the Samsung native email app anyway. Not as good as Gmail or Yahoo's own app available from the Android Market for free. Also I have corporate email on Outlook via Microsoft ActiveSync. I bought a separate app for that (again, the native email app, while it hooked into the corporate account was just no good-not fast and not an intelligent display).


Anyway, with the LTE signal testing still going on here in SF (mostly it is "on"), battery life is much better. Can work on and off the phone, all functions, through a day and the battery holds.  As others have said, I use the Power Saving Mode native to the device and it seems to help a lot-check out the Settings for the Power Saving Mode. You can find the Power Saving Mode off of Settings on any of the home screens. Good luck.

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Re: Skyrocket LTE Battery Drain

I have dealt with SR battery drain by relying primarily on WiFi and just using the radio as "back up" to Wifi.  Doing it that way, battery lasts all day.  I am buying extra batteries for travel.


My display comes on frequently for no apparent reason.  Can someone explain what makes the display go on by itself and if that can be stopped?


Thanks.  RM

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