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Skype on the Atrix


Skype on the Atrix

Has anyone gotten Skype or any other VOIP to work on their atrix? I've tried making calls using Skype while on wifi and the other person hears nothing but static. Some research online shows that it's a problem with Motorola's firmware. Any plans to fix this? That's a pretty major disability for the Atrix.

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Re: Skype on the Atrix

fmsmsee wrote:

Skype works for me as well, but just voice.  I can't get video to work. Any suggestions?

Perhaps it doesn't work because Skype with video isn't available yet. Also is there even a front facing camera on the Atrix?
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Skype on the Atrix

Yes, VGA but the quality is goog enough.
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Re: Skype on the Atrix

My wife and I also suffered the same BIG DISAPPOINTMENT when we so called "upgraded to ATRIX" We received a system upgrade yesterday and are operating on android ver 2.3.? Which is supposed to be or make the atrix compatible..NOT YET or at least I have not been able to make it work. I don't think it is a hardware problem..and more a "provider don't want you to do it problem" QIK works fine over my home and other public  WIFI  public networks...very clear and proper function. I am told that QIK and SKYPE are the same now...anyone have info on this?

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Re: Skype on the Atrix

The skype product does not work on Atrix, a compatibility list is listed in the android market.  It looks like the list is longer so apparently the issue requires programming changes in skype but the atrix is not yet listed.


Although owned by skype, Qik is a different product and there is a version for the atrix in the market and claims gingerbread (AKA 2.3.4) support as well as being compatible with the iphoney.  You may need to reinstall it to get the latest version but scan the reviews first.  Market does not allow sorting of reviews so you will have to page through these to see if anyone reports how well it works with an atrix running gingerbread.  You cannot revert back to the older version of the atrix operating system and trying to do so will brick your atrix.


The purchase of Qik was announced on January 6, 2011.

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Re: Skype on the Atrix

Any update on Skype working on the Atrix?
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Re: Skype on the Atrix

If you read the compatibilty list you will see that no motorola devices are listed as being compatible with Skype.  See


Given that some of these devices were released long before the atrix I would say that motorola has little to no desire to allow Skype access on their phones. Maybe that will change as other manufacturers add comptaibilty to more devices.

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Re: Skype on the Atrix

Sometime in the last day or two the atrix was white listed by Skype so Skype is now supposed to work.  Haven't tested this myself and did not see the definition of white-listed as opposed to those phones listed as "These handsets already support video calling."  In any event, this is available in the hemorrhoid market.

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Re: Skype on the Atrix

It works now, I've only used it over wifi though. Video and audio are same as on ny laptop, not perfect but works.
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