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Siri not working!!!!


Siri not working!!!!

I got my iphone 4s last Friday, Siri worked fine for two days, but since then she just responds she can't take any request right now. I have tried all the suggestions I have found online....Disappointing! Any suggestions?

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

Really? Arguing over something so simple? Picking out sentences that seem to contradict each other in the very slightest of ways? C'mon, now...

If you have something non-productive to say, might as well not mention it.

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

SIRI works for me.

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

It sure does go down a lot during this beta phase -- I just wish that when it did go down, you could still do the basic voice commands -- the ones you could do before Siri, like dialing, time-check, etc.

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

i never seen a down time for SIRI on my 4S yet. i use it at least once a day.

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

For me it doesn't work MOST of the time.  I for one would like to have my Microsoft Voice Command or something like it for my iPhone 4s.  It wasn't as flashy and neat as Siri (when siri works), but while driving it would always make hands free phone calls for me.  That is more important to me than the other stuff siri will do if it works.  (should have stayed with microsoft phone).  If something doesn't improve this will be the last apple product I will Buy!Smiley Sad

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

You know what I find a bit amusing?  It almost seems as if more than a few folks are insinuating that we should cut Apple a little slack because after all, they did state that Siri is beta software.  However, if it were beta software running on any other non-Apple device and/or OS and was showing growing pains...Apple fanboys would probably be all over those manufacturers/devices in a heartbeat.

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Re: Siri not working!!!!

I hated the British Siri guy on my phone
And set the Aussie woman can reveal she's working here to not impressed about the weather forecast thanks Siri lol
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