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Siri and battery life


Siri and battery life

I am considering turing on Siri on my 4s but am a bit concerned about the impact on battery life.  Has anyone experienced a significant battery hit after turning Siri on?

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Re: Siri and battery life

I currently use Siri, and I noticed a slight drop in overall battery performance.  I don't think it is any more that of any other app.  If it is something that you think you will use I wouldn't worry about the decrease in battery life too much.  I find myself using it more and more and it is great.  It is the biggest selling point of the 4S anyway.  I would definitly try it out, and if it is something that you either don't like or don't see using enough, then you can always turn it back off.  Hopefully Apple will fix the iOS 5 battery issues soon and it wont really matter.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Siri and battery life

battery life with SIRI is not bad, i use Siri a lot i notice very little drop in the battery life.

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