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Sim Network Unlock Code for use on AT&T.


Sim Network Unlock Code for use on AT&T.

Not sure if this is in the proper section so I appologize if I'm wrong.

I am currently a prepaid member and I have a Motorola device that was given to me about two months ago and I've recently considered using it with AT&T. The device was originally used on a Walmart Family Mobile plan. Everyone that I've talked to (one walmart family mobile support tech, five tmobile techs, and three motorola techs) have all told me different things. Walmart says I need to go to tmobile, tmobile says walmart or motorola, motorola says walmart, tmobile and at&t.


So my question is, if anyone can actually help me here, who can actually provide me the code and how do I go about getting it? TMobile has already confirmed that my device is able to be unlocked but wont provide the code because I am not a customer.


Thanks for any help in advance.

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Re: Sim Network Unlock Code for use on AT&T.

AT&T will not unlock a phone that was made for other carriers. You can pay to get the phone unlocked. Sorry I don't have a website to refer you to.

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