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Sim Activation


Sim Activation

I am a Canadian Resident, and will be visiting the USA next week with my unlocked Samsung I9000M.

I purchased an unactivated ATT sim card, and Activated today on the AT&T website, which reported a successful activation. 

But when I put the sim in my phone it reports that it has an unknown phone number, and cannot connect to any network. I am within coverage from one of AT&T roaming partners.


Do I need to be in AT&T coverage to complete the activation of the sim?

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Re: Sim Activation

I assume you mean you have a pre-paid SIM.  There is no roaming with the ATT Pre-Paid GoPhone in Canada so it would not be able to register on the network while your up there.  ATT only has roaming agreement with the Post-Paid service in Canada.


When you get to the US you should be fine if I remember correctly.  If you still have issue just stop into an ATT store and they should be able to help you get going.

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Re: Sim Activation

The sim is not a Go phone sim, it is orange, and on the punchout card it says "The New at&t" with a blue 3g logo,  but I did activate it with a prepaid account.

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