Sierra Wireless 890 shows decent signal but transfers no data when antenna/booster attached?!


Sierra Wireless 890 shows decent signal but transfers no data when antenna/booster attached?!

Alright this is my first post and this is very important to me and my company. (COPsync Inc.) We build police software and I handle the hardware side of the business. When our officers are plugging in the booster and antenna the AT&T communication client shows increased signal but when I open a browser, no data is sent. My first thoughts were perhaps the boosters were bad, but in the 3 years of use, I've only return a couple boosters. Now I'm facing 50-100 officers having the same trouble. If I bypass the booster and only use the antenna the signal is marginally affected and still doesn't transfer data. Does the 890 have a setting that I need to change? The 890 is a good idea but it has given our agencies so many troubles. When we've called into AT&T support we're given the "it's not the aircard's fault" response, but they don't seem to understand that these are in police vehicles and lives are on the line. Some other information that may help: 


1 - These 890 aircards are currently being used in the express card form 

2 - Most of the 890's are being used in General Dynamics laptops (not some cheap Acer)

3 - I've duplicated these results using both AT&T Communication Client and Sierra Wireless Watcher

4 - These units are almost 100% of the time in only 2G areas. (primarily AT&T coverage)

5 - When not using a Antenna/booster the signal is marginal and barely transfers data


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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