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Short Term 3G Data Plan


Short Term 3G Data Plan



I travel twice a year to US and I'm spending a lot of money on roaming my Iphone around.


Is it possible to buy a short term 3G data plan to use on my Iphone when I'm in USA?


My Iphone is legally unlocked. Brazilian laws don't allow locked phones.


Thanks for any info,



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Re: Short Term 3G Data Plan

Yes and no.  How long on average are you staying in the US for each visit that you need service for?  If your only talking a few weeks at a time then it might not be worth it.


With ATT, since you own your own device, you can technically set up service on a month-2-month basis without having to sign a contract.  However there will most likely be a deposit required each time which may make it a hassle.


Do you have to have data?  There are pre-paid options in the US (not necessarily ATT) that you can purchase and use since your device is unlocked.



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Re: Short Term 3G Data Plan

Thanks for replying.


Yes, I have to have data. 


Maybe even this 2 month plan you mentioned will be cheaper than what I'm paying for. Could you point me to an url with more details about it?


Thanks again,



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Re: Short Term 3G Data Plan

Its not a 2 month plan.  Its a month-to-month (month-2-month) plan.  Basically you start service without any contract and you can cancel at any time.

AT&T Announces New Approach to Early Termination Fees

More Flexibility for Wireless Customers

San Antonio, Texas, March 31, 2008

AT&T (NYSE:T) today announced a new approach to early termination fees (ETFs) that provides greater flexibility for wireless customers.

Beginning on May 25, the company's new and renewing wireless customers who enter into one- or two-year service agreements will no longer be required to pay a single, flat early termination fee. Instead, that fee, which is $175, will be progressively lowered by $5 during each month, every month, for the term of the contract. (The single, flat ETF will continue to apply to new and renewing customers who enter into one- or two-year service agreements prior to May 25.)

The company noted that it continues to offer options for those customers who do not want term commitments or ETFs, including:

* Buy a phone at full price and go on a month-to-month service plan.
* Bring your own compatible GSM device. With this option, you can buy a SIM (subscriber identity module), slip it into the back of the phone, and select a month-to-month service plan.
* Choose one of AT&T's GoPhone prepaid wireless plans.


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