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Sharp FX phone will not locate


Sharp FX phone will not locate

Our son's phone, a Sony FX, always indicates that the phone is either turned off or out of the service area. When we first got the phone it would locate fine, but recently it has stopped being located. Is it possible that he has changed a setting or done something to the phone's setting to stop our ability to locate it?


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Re: Sharp FX phone will not locate

I've sometimes had problems locating my phone when the GPS is turned off...  you can try turning it on and that might fix the problem.


I'm not sure about the FX, but on my phone this is how you do it:


1. Press the menu button on the bottom of the phone

2. Tap "settings" on the menu that appears.

3. Choose "Location and Security" from the list of options.

4. Make sure "Use GPS satellites" is checked.


Hope that helps!


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Re: Sharp FX phone will not locate

My son has the Sharp FX as well and it will locate him but 9X out of 10 it is wrong. Let me just say, this is sooo unfair to my child because I have "went off" on him thinking I knew where he was and I was WRONG! I'm not sure why the Sharp is so far off! My daughter has a samsung cheap phone and it locates her perfectly everytime!


If anyone with a Sharp FX has any suggestions please let us know!



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