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Sharing an AT&T Siera AirCard 881 with a wireless router


Sharing an AT&T Siera AirCard 881 with a wireless router

I just recently got an AT&T AirCard.  It's a major step up from slow dial-up internet, and you can take it almost anywhere.  Great.  Now to make it compatable with my home network.  I have the card in my laptop and wish to connect it to my NETGEAR wireless router (wirelessly), which is plugged into my desktop via an ethernet cable.  I need specific help on how to make this work, as it does not (surprise).  I have my sierra card's wireless connection shared with my NETGEAR wireless connection.  Where do I go from there?  Do I sidable the router's DHCP server option?  I'm not sure how to go about this.  Can anyone help me?

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Re: Sharing an AT&T Siera AirCard 881 with a wireless router

Well I have the 875U aircard and this is what I did that worked for me. I took alittle while to figure out but It' actually quite simple, regardless of what any one from the different providers try to tell you.  All you have to do is, go to your network connections and enable sharing (Internet Connection Sharing) for your air card connection.  It will prompt you that this requires for your NIC's IP to be set to tell it ok and it will make that change for you.  Now you will also need to set your wireless router to and make sure that DHCP is turned off on the router, as ICS will act as a DHCP Server. I don't know about the Netgear router but this worked with my linksys wireless router. Hope this helps!
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Re: Sharing an AT&T Siera AirCard 881 with a wireless router

Dunno if you solved your problem yet or not, but the Cradlepoint routers all now support the 881u and 875u.  
They start at less than $150 for a small travel router that will support 16 wireless and one LAN connection, up to ~$250 for one that supports 32 wifi and has 4 LAN ports. 
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