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Sharing 5GB mobile hotspot tethering plan on family plan


Sharing 5GB mobile hotspot tethering plan on family plan

Forgive me if this question has already been posted. Can't find it.


Looking at adding a line to my current plan.  Both of us have iphones with data plans.  Mine is 300MB and theirs is 2GB.


  • Could we share a 5GB data plan between two lines?
  • Does the 5GB data plan mean that I can share my personal wifi network with however many people I'd like?
  • Can I use the 5GB data plan as a landline Cable Internet replacement?


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Re: Sharing 5GB mobile hotspot tethering plan on family plan

Currently each smartphone on AT&T must have its own data plan.  The 5GB tethering plan would allow you to share a wifi hotspot with whoever you would like, but it won't replace the other person's requirement to have their own data plan.


I have heard rumors that some carriers might offer a family data plan in the future that would allow multiple phones to share a common data allocation, but nothing like that is offered yet.


You could use the 5GB tethering plan as an internet connection for your home computer, but 5 gigabytes is not very much data if you plan on watching videos or streaming lots of music when it has to last a whole month.  Cable internet providers like comcast let you check data usage for the month.  If by some chance you normally use less than 5 gigabytes on your home computer every month then technically the at&t 5GB tethering plan could replace that subscription.

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