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Setting up wifi router while using USB Mercury?

Setting up wifi router while using USB Mercury?

Let me start off by saying, forgive me for all the technical jargon I'm about to mess up. Man Indifferent  Anyways, I've had my USB Mercury connected to my desktop for years now and love it.  Have had no probs with it.  I finally decided to get a wifi router due to also having a little netbook that I use once in a while.  So I bought the Belkin N300 router.  Now the directions say to plug ethernet cable into modem...  Well, that would have to be the computer since the modem is plugged into it.

So the setup shows that you plug the ethernet cable into the "Modem" slot on the router.  When I use that slot, the setup refuses to even attempt to connect to the router.  But if I plug it into one of the "LAN" slots on the router, it will run mostly through setup, but when it gets to the part where it tries to connect to the internet as part of the setup but I would loose my connection with at&t each time.  The connection status in the "Network and Sharing Center" would go from "Local and Internet" to "Limited" or something like that.  But that only happens when the router is trying to complete the setup.


I know it's possible because I've read that it is possible.  So I am missing something obvious here and any help would be great!


Here's more info on the router I have,


FYI, I have a feeling someone is going to say it.   So I know that mobile broadband is not for home use.  Well, I am not a heavy internet user and remain below my allowance every time.  I live out in the sticks and it's my only source for internet....  besides satellite. Smiley Sad

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Re: Setting up wifi router while using USB Mercury?

The router you are trying to use is for use with a DSL modem. There are several routers that will do what you want. The setup I have uses a  Netgear MBRN3000 Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router. I have a USB Lighting air card that is plugged into the MBRN3000 router. This router has WiFi, and 4 ethernet ports. I run my main computer, and one of my printers from the ethernet ports. My laptops, and another printer run off of WiFi. I hope this helps

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