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Service out in LA again


Service out in LA again

Service went out again this morning for me. It's 1pm now, and still not back. I really wish there was a better way for us to complain about this. Since I can't call to complain! Others in LA out as well?

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Re: Service out in LA again

...and now it's back again. Ugh, I hate that I even have to constantly keep track of this thing.

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Re: Service out in LA again

Still out for me in Irvine, CA ZIP 92620.


Been out at least since 3PM Pacific

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Re: Service out in LA again

........And my m-cell service is out again here in L.A. 

All lights indicate fine on the m-cell, but no signal being output.

Guess I should be thankful that they didn't leave the m-cell radio on this time to jam the weak macrocell signal.


Edit:  Just came back up again a minute ago.

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Re: Service out in LA again

Now there is a major outage of the macrocells in the Beverly/Fairfax area. The entire system is just too fragile. In my opinion people need to start to see wireless as a utility.
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Re: Service out in LA again

Microcell out again for several hours yesterday..........microcell out for several hours today.   Still showed all solid green lights on the m-cell like there was nothing wrong.


When the m-cell signal came back up, I called customer service to check on m-cell outages and to voice my dissatisfaction.


My call gets dropped by the microcell TWICE during the same call to customer service.

All this is on top of the no data/slow data issue!


Arrgh!  This thing is SOOOOO frustrating!  More headache than solution so far.


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