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Sending text in Unlocked Razr (Old ATT)


Sending text in Unlocked Razr (Old ATT)

I bought an Unlocked Razr (which has Cingular menus). Im using my ATT (old) SIM card in that.
I  can send and recv text sent using my phone number.
I cannot send any text to an email address, which I used to do before I started using this phone.

Any help in configuring ?

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Re: Sending text in Unlocked Razr (Old ATT)

You would need to change the SMS E-mail Gateway to 0000000000.

Another option would be to send the text to the number 0000000000, type the e-mail address in the body of the message, followed by a space and then the text you wish to send to that e-mail address..
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