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Selection of HTC phones

Selection of HTC phones

My contract is coming due soon, and I have been researching my uppgrade options with respect to Androis and in particular, HTC phones, and what I'm seeing, I don't like.  Mot the devices, but the extremely LIMITED selection.


I looked at some other carriers' HTC (Android) offerings and can't understand why ATT has such a small HTC offering.  Verizon has 3x ATT offerings, and so on.  ATT is second to last just ahead of Cricket.  Unbelievable.


Now with all the TV ads telling us how service is going to get better with the TMobile acquisition, I was wondering if ATT was smart enough to also buy TMobile's wide array of Android offerings, and expand their customer choices ?


Has anyone heard anything about this?

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Re: Selection of HTC phones

The devices that TMO offers would only work on the existing TMO network or AT&T's EDGE network.

If/when the acquistion is completed, AT&T will start making plans to sunset the existing TMO network.  So why exactly would they want to offer devices on a network with a limited life expectancy?????


If AT&T offers service where you need/want to use it, stick with AT&T and find the device that best suits you.

If another carrier offers the same level or better coverage where you want/need it, switch.  Do not make your decision based on a specific device or devices, you will regret it.

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Re: Selection of HTC phones

iPhone has a lot to do with the selection of HTC phones.  The selection of Android phones in general on AT&T was pretty dismal when the iPhone was AT&T exclusive.  Either it was a requirement of their deal with Apple, or a strategic decision on AT&T's part to concentrate on the iPhone.  Now that Verizon has the iPhone also, the Android selection on AT&T is just starting to get better.


In contrast, since Verizon and T-Mob did not have access to the iPhone, they decided to heavily leverage Android.


AT&T has a few more HTC phones planned for release this year.  In particular, the Holiday is one to keep an eye on:

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Re: Selection of HTC phones

I would love to see some more HTC devices come in. I have gotten my first HTC phone about a month ago. I was against going to one after seeing the first tilt but that was then this is now. Though there is a small selection to HTC as of right now, AT&T is coming out with more as previous person said. Just now released the HTC status. But anyway I know your bummed by the selection but I can give a good word on the Inspire. This device is great. Held up against the Atrix every review pointed towards how great the Atrix is..Good concept not a good phone. I returned it in no time at all for many reasons, switched to the Inspire and have been happy to leave go from a iPhone to blackberry and now android because of this device.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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