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Securing incoming messages and email services for phone owner?


Securing incoming messages and email services for phone owner?



Has any core network or mobile provider have in the works the capability to restrict SMS and email account viewing by password?   For example, my wife shares her Iphone with our kids to play some of the apps.  In the meantime, an SMS or MMS message can come in that perhaps she does not want the kids seeing especially when the phone interrupts the app and says you have an incoming message. 


1. Would these be a phone or network feature or both?

2. Is there a way to provision auto-alerts to stop when messages come in?  A message icon and sound notification can be allowed but don't offer the capability to view the message then and there.

3. Restrict message viewing by password such that no one but the owner of the phone can enter a password to view the messages.

4. Also is there a way for the phone to to restrict reading for an email account (e.g., hotmail) until a password is entered in real-time to prevent unauthorized reading of email from children or if the phone is lost or stolen?




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