Samsung skyrocket - blue dot on screen


Samsung skyrocket - blue dot on screen

I bought skyrocket on 2 and dec and since yday there is blue dot which visible  now. I have never dropped my phone and it has been in case since first day.  I bought it from ATT corporate store. What should I do with this issue ? Is it possible to have bad screen since I bought it ???

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Re: Samsung skyrocket - blue dot on screen

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You shpuld probably do a factoryt reset to eliminate the software and if you're within 30 days of purchase send it back!

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Re: Samsung skyrocket - blue dot on screen

You are not the only one that has reported screen issues with their Galaxy S II/Skyrocket. Both models of phones have been reported with some faulty pixels on the screens.

If you cannot put up with it any longer, send the phone in to be replaced under warranty.

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