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Samsung infuse 4g


Samsung infuse 4g


I just purchased the infuse 4g and am having trouble getting it to connect to my pc in order to load photos onto the phone's chip.  The
Wizard comes up and asks for software.  Any suggestions?



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Re: Samsung infuse 4g

Pull down the notification window on the phone and change the connection type to mass storage mode. It might also called mount as disk drive.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung infuse 4g

My Win 7 pc loaded usb drivers before I could get to my 32 GB external SD card (upgraded from the orig 2GB). If you need drivers go to



I installed the UK version of KIES (PC interface to the Infuse) but the Infuse is not supported. I don't get it, since the manual says it is available. Guess Samsung needs more work on the PC software to make it available on the us download site.


BTW I got the sandisk 32gb microSDHC for 69.99$ from cellphone shop. net. I don't know the class # but I've loaded 2GB of music and the rest of the memory is identified by my infuse.



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Re: Samsung infuse 4g

Thank-you for your help.  I too am after that very sd card, thanks for that info too! Smiley Happy

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