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Samsung infuse 4G - Not registered on the network


Samsung infuse 4G - Not registered on the network

I bought this phone 2 months ago, but from time to time, I was experiencing this issue: the phone prompted an error message saying "Not registered on the network" when I was trying to make an outgoing call. I had this problem again this evening, and I can't make a call with this error message. I can see the signal bar, but the HSDP (the H icon by the signal bar) disappeared.

This issue was not happening in the same place, and when I was traveling to Vegas last month, I had this problem as well.

So I was just wondering if it is a problem of my phone, or due to some network coverage problem? How can I fix it?


Thank you very much for your kind assistance 

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Re: Samsung infuse 4G - Not registered on the network

I had the same issue when I first got this phone.   You need to call tech support and have your account checked.  Better yet do the online chat with tech support since it is faster. 


Haven't had this issue since my account was fixed!

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