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Samsung has become just as evil as Sony

Samsung has become just as evil as Sony

So after seven months updates rolled out to two-thirds of the world and Samsung has no info or a time table when the US MAY  receive android 2.2. Hmmm this seems odd us has bought roughly four million handsets of the Samsung galaxy S line phones and they can't tell us what's going on. Stranger then that every update outside the us had an announcement two months before it was to roll out. And strangest of them all rumor mill states the next generation of galaxy s phones will be announced in February. Seems like Samsung is going to follow Sony and refuse to update and support the first generation of galaxy s phones. Isn't it nice to know that in 8 months a phone you buy for nearly three hundred dollars is worth nothing due to missing updates that render the phone obsolete.

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Re: Samsung has become just as evil as Sony

if you have society that is focus on money like AT&T you will find out soon that every time something that has to be relapsed free its a hard thing to get. Look at this way it wouldn't be a free updated but if AT&T keeps going they way they are its going to become a DLC (Downloadable Content) where by we have to pay and with that in mind you can be sure you will receive the update first then any other nation Smiley Happy


You live in a society where free stuff is seen evil by corporation like ATT and where paid staff is seen as way to better society Smiley Happy

Have a Good Day and enjoy your stay in America J (you will pay for it)

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Re: Samsung has become just as evil as Sony

I don't think it's Samsung holding it back, it's more AT&T.  If you bought a Nexus One instead you would now be waiting for Gingerbread (hopefully any day now) instead of Froyo.  Smiley Happy


If you really want it, root your phone and put it on.

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