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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2


Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

I have a Samsung galaxy s3, when will Att get jelly bean 4.1.2 update

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Just another frustrated customer. I'm thinking this is my last contract as well. I am so headed to Verizon if AT&T doesn't speed things up with the updates. 

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

I have to say you will be frustrated no matter where you go. Sometimes it Verzion that is last as they were with 4.1.1 and sometimes it is ATT. If you want the latest, root your phone and go with Cyanogen. 


ATT will have 4.1.2 eventually.

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

me to. im already rooted thinking about the 4.2.1 custom rom >Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

they could atleast make the 4.1.2 available through kies!?

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

That would be nice but the delay has nothing at all to do with Samsung. This is purely AT&T dragging their feet. Cricket of all carriers will be getting the update next week and AT&T still hasn't mentioned anything about it. SAD

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Kies works for you???
I think I've gotten it to work twice since November. Worst software I've ever tried to use, and that goes back a lot of years. LoL!
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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

I just read this morning that the GS2 on tmobile is available 4.1.2 today!!!!!
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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Conversation with rep on chat today.  This could be good news!!!!


Thank you for your patience!  Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.

Welcome!  You are now chatting with 'Tren '

Kory: hello

Tren : Hello, Thank you for contacting AT&T wireless technical chat, Please allow me a few moments to review your inquiry, as well as access your account. Thank you Smiley Happy

Tren : I see you have question about your S III is that correct?

Kory: correct

Kory: I have a question about updates'

Tren : Alright what questions do you have.

Kory: When will the 4.1.2 update become available for download?

Tren : It already is available however not all phones have received it yet, it is being rolled out to make sure there are no bugs with it however you can always check for new software/firmware by going to Settings>about device>sofware update.

Kory: I have done this.  I know that it is available on the galasy SII but when will it be available for the SIII?

Kory: All other carriers have pushed the update out to there S III phones.  AT&T has not done this yet.

Tren : Please allow me a few moments to check just a few things thank you.

Kory: ok

Tren : No problem thank you for your patience. through this.

Kory: Any luck?

Tren : Is your phone currently on?

Kory: yes

Tren : and at the main screen Kory.

Kory: yes

Tren : Alright can you please turn it off then on?

Kory: powering down

Kory: ok powered off

Tren : Alright and please let me know when its back on.

Kory: waiting for it to cycle on again

Tren : Alright great thank yo.

Tren : you*

Kory: ok powered back on and at main screen now

Kory: what now?

Tren : Alright I tried sending it to your phone, and it isnt allowing it to go through.

Tren : I'm trying one more thing.

Kory: i guess i shoudl tell you that I am using the phone with phone number 419-554-0822

Kory: if that helps

Tren : No problem I was doing it for the S III

Kory: we have 2 of them.  LOL

Tren : No problem I double checked and I was doing it on the correct line.

Kory: ok

Kory: so is it showing the update as being available for the sIII?

Tren : Not for this particular phone, it is rolled out but depending on your area, and the Mobile equipment ID, its not available to all phones yet but it has been started, it can take fully up to 1 month.

Tren : But it was started, 03/13/2013 so You should be receiving it very soon. But this device wont allow it yet.

Tren : when I tried sending ti.

Tren : it*.

Kory: but it was released for the s3?

Kory: or just released in general?

Kory: no where on line does it show that any AT&T GSIII has receieved the update

Kory: just previous models

Tren : It has been made available for the S III as well.

Kory: so I should see it in the next week?

Tren : Within the next week, But it should have a notification, when it becomes available as long as you have service when it gets released.

Kory: Thanks you for your time.

Tren : No problem was there anything else I could assist you with today?

Kory: Not today.

Tren : Thank you for Chatting in today, I hope you have a great evening Remember you can always visit, us at www.att.com/wireless You can close this chat by clicking the Red "X" at the top of your screen.


[edited for privacy]


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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2


       According to Samsung (5 minutes ago), the update has yet to be released.  So I don't know if Samsung rep is wrong (unlikely) or if AT&T rep is blowing smoke.  They need to get their act together.  A flagship phone should not have to wait this long for an update that all others are getting already.  Its pretty sad when the GSII is getting the update before the GSIII.  What a waste AT&T.


[Inappropriate content removed]

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

I read today that 4.1.2 is available for the Galaxy SII Skyrocket on at&t via kies.
I am disappointed....
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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Does he have the correct phone model? I know it was stated many times that it was SIII and Tren agreed. If 4.1.2 was available since 3/13 or so the version whould have been posted online by now.


Something does not make sense here.



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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

One would think so.  I am just sick of AT&T always being behind the pack when it comes to updates.  I understand that they like to have their bloatware installed on the phones and that they want to make certain that the new software works with their bloatware but come on.  Maybe they should take a good long look at how many peolpe actually use the bloated apps that they preinstall.  I mean, who the heck uses AT&T Navigator when there are far better (and free) options available?  They claim to be all about new technology and yet they sit the bench every time an update comes out.  When they finally updated the HTC Inspire it was with software that was already outdated.

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Agreed. I use the myAT&T app and that's it! I've never even opened the other ones and have hidden them altogether. Likewise with most of the Samsung apps. AT&T is lucky they have great coverage in my area or I wouldn't have switched from tmobile.
I'll be taking a hard look at the next nexus device. Hopefully it's made by HTC or Samsung.
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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2

Many people dont use the ATT software, but for those that do (and there are people) it is revenue for ATT. Dont forget it is all about making money.


ATT has no incentive to update OS'. Just think of all the calls to the call center for the reps to handle because people did not install the OS correctly or something went wrong.


Also, most people dont do the install of a new OS especially if its only available thru Kies.  Most people dont care if they are running 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 or 4.2 for that matter. For those that really do care root their phone and instal CM 10.


ATT is not the last one in all cases. For 4.1.2 yes they are but for 4.1.1 Verizon was last.



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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 jelly update 4.1.2


     That's true that it is all about money but how much would they lose if people started to jump ship over their lack of appreciation for technology driven customers?  And the calls to the call center will happen regardless of OS updates.  I can't imagine that they pay a whole lot to the foreign workers that are answering the phones.  When a company releases a flagship phone, customers expect to receive flagship service on that device.  Dont take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you are a little too close to AT&T to see see the big picture.  I will most likely never change carriers due to the fact that I do get exceptional reception over all other carriers in my area.  Reception, however, has nothing to do with product upkeep.  Hopefully AT&T will get this OS update out soon but it is not this update alone that is so frustrating.  It is their lack of urgency in most manners of technology upgrades.  Yes they came out with the iphone first but how long can they live off that legend? 

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