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Samsung a177 unlock

Samsung a177 unlock

Recently (June) I bought a AT&T gophone, Samsung A177, on a trip to the USA. My intention was using it during my trip and gifiting it to my sister in law upon my return to Brazil. The problem is there is no one here who knows how to unlock this phone model here. I checked the internet and all sites say I need a unlock code provided by AT&T or the manufacturer. I tried to contact Samsung, but they said only AT&T can provide me with this code.  Now, all contacts that AT&T provides are by phone, wich aren´t really a viable option for me, since they are all 1-800 USA based numbers. Can AT&T provide me this code or a e-mail contact to someone who can help me solve this problem? 


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Re: Samsung a177 unlock

I have the same problem. I can't unlock it here in Brazil. Can you send us an unlock code?

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Re: Samsung a177 unlock

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Re: Samsung a777

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Re: Samsung a177 unlock

Just to inform you guys, I managed to unlock my phone at at the Florida Mall, in Orlando. Unless you buy an code from the internet or find a place that can unlock it for you, you are gonna get stuck with a locked phone forever. Don´t expect any help or simpathy from at&t. You wont get any.

It´s incredible tha a company this size doesn´t even have a contact e-mail for people outside USA to comunicate.

So, here you have it:

-at&t will not give you the code;

-the code is up for sale on the internet;

-you will not get it for free anywhere.

Good luck!

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