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Samsung Strive picture message is full


Samsung Strive picture message is full

Here's my other issue with the phone:


I have a new 4GB memory card installed and nowhere near full. All pictures and videos are mved over to the card.


Yet, whenever I want to receive a single picture text, it says "Memory full" and to "cleanup", so I can't even view a received text picture as I have to delete to make more room.


Plus whenever I send a text picture, it will send it and right after it does, then in red letters the words "Memory Full"?


Under the messaging settings "Messages with Multimedia", it shows 5,100K available...Received Messages, Sent Messages, Draft Messages, all show 0KB. Zero conversations.


So again, I sent a picture text to a friend...same thing, it sends and then the "Memory full" comes up again?


My wife has the exact same phone and she's got much more pictures and texts on hers with only a 2GB memory card. The problems I have has been going on before even putting a memory card in and thought maybe it was settled the issues, but has not.


Anyone know of what's going on and have a solution?





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Re: Samsung Strive picture message is full

this phone reallt sucks

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