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Samsung Strive-Power issues


Samsung Strive-Power issues

My son has a samsung strive that keeps turning off on by itself.  Can someone tell me the cause and what we can do to make the phone work properly?  We have taken the battery out and let it sit for a couple of hours and that didn't work. We also switched batteries with a phone that works and it still did the same thing.  The phone will only stay on when the sim card is out.

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Re: Samsung Strive-Power issues

You've already ruled out the battery as the problem.  The other main possibilities would be a software issue and a hardware issue.


To rule out a software problem, you can try a master clear, which restores all software and settings to factory conditions.  Before doing the clear, copy or move all your contacts to your SIM card.  If you have any pictures, audio, or other files you don't want to lose, back them up using any available method (some possibilities would be moving to a micro-SD card, Bluetooth file transfer, sending as email attachments, and sending to another phone as MMS).  To complete the master clear, follow the instructions for "restore phone" that start about halfway down this article.


If it's a hardware issue, the phone may need replaced.  How long have you had it?


1. Within 30 days from the purchase, contact the location you bought it from.  If you bought it from or over the phone with an AT&T representative, contact Customer Care at 1-800-331.0500, or 611 from an AT&T mobile.  Make sure the agent you speak with knows the phone is within its 30 day "buyer's remorse" period, and he or she should direct yo to the correct department (the department that sold the phone).


2. If you bought the phone more than 30 days ago and it's still in warranty (less than 1 year from purchase if it was new, or less than 90 days if it was refurbished, and in good condition), you can seek warranty replacement.  Depending on your account and the phone, you may have the option to do this online through your MyWireless account.  You can also call AT&T's warranty department at 1-800-801-1101, Mon-Fri 6am-12am CT, Sat-Sun 8am-9pm CT.  Please have the phone you're calling about, but call from a different phone.


3. If the phone is not under warranty and you have insurance, you can contact insurance at 1-888-562-8662.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Samsung Strive-Power issues

Get a different phone, My first one did that and I got it replaced and now Im going on my 4th phone and I just got the last one alittle over two weeks ago and the one before that alittle over 2 weeks before I got that one, they are junk phones

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Re: Samsung Strive-Power issues

you are right i am having the same problem  phone powers off at random so far iam on the third replacement and it only lasted 4 days just got the phone in june 2011  and today is august 29 2011 i have had 3 replacements in less than 3 months

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