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Samsung Strive Issues


Samsung Strive Issues

3 weeks ago, my Samsung Strive wouldn't hold a charge; I took it to my local AT&T store in Apex, NC and they directed me to the AT&T Repair Center also in Apex, NC.  The customer service reps at the crowded repair center stated that there is an AT&T internal alert regarding the battery life of this  phone and stated that you can't let the charge drop below "2 bars" or the phone won't recharge again.  They gave us a replacement battery and told us that's the best they could do.


After the phone died at 3 bars of power and was incapable of charging, we took the phone back to the repair center.  They gave us another battery and warned us again about the "2 bar" situation; they could not replace the phone with another make and model because our plan alledgedly didn't allow it. 


24 hours later, the battery died again.  Another visit to the store and we insisted on receiving a replacement phone.  They gave us another Samsung Strive with the same warning. At home, this phone wouldn't even hold a charge long enough to turn on.  Also, it was probably a refurbished model because the back plate of the phone had several scratches when we received it.


We called AT&T Wireless customer service.  The representative kindly told us that this situation was unacceptable and said the next representative would help us replace the phone with a better operating phone.  The next representative said there was nothing she could do, except send us another battery - we refused to accept this offer.  Finally, hearing that our plan did not permit us to replace the phone with any other model, we asked to speak to a supervisor.


When we didn't hear from the supervisor in the time that was promised, we called and were placed on hold for several minutes while they investigated the matter.  Therese (the supervisor) was more helpful than anyone else before her.  But we still have no resolution after 3 weeks, 4 trips to AT&T facilities, and several minutes on hold with customer service.


We have 4 phones with AT&T, and we have always been timely in our payments.  We have also purchased a great deal of equipment from the company.  This is an extremely frustrating experience. 


Does anyone else receive this kind of experience when dealing with AT&T Wireless customer service?  It's disturbing to spend this much money per month to get this kind of run-around.

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