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Samsung Solstice 2


Samsung Solstice 2

I have had the samsug solstice 2 for about 9 months. Up until it started doing this thing, I really like the phone. Now, (and it did this once before then magically stopped) the screen with freeze, and then go black and in yellow writing, it will say

"!!! Blocking Defence !!!" and then have a bunch of coding. I have been removing the battery and waiting a few minutes then trying to restart the phone. Sometimes this works, most times though, it just partially goes through the start-up screen and then freezes and then goes back to the blocking defence screen. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING. This phone should last more than 9 months, especially since nothing has happened that would justify this behaviour other than the fact it is not a good phone. My family and I are long time (all the way back from unicel) customers, and it drives me insane that after years of our business, no AT&T representative seems to be able to help me, or sell me a decent phone. 

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Re: Samsung Solstice 2

Wow, that is so weird... I've never heard of anything like that before.

Overall, I would not recommend the Solstice 2. The only Samsung feature phones I think are worth using are the original Solstice and the Mythic.

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