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Samsung S2 Vlingo not quite ready for prime time?


Samsung S2 Vlingo not quite ready for prime time?

I'm wondering if anyone else has found the same problems I have with my new SII (besides I should have waited for the REAL 4g LTE version....lying store workers.)?


1) If you do not set the default speech engine to Pico, Google Maps will suddenly start reading the XML headers in it's files.  It will say things like "XML version" and "HTTP colon slash slash w, w, w...." etc.  If I change the default engine to Pico, the problem disappears.


2) It seems that no matter which engine I use for my default, Samsung Voice or Pico, Vlingo can't do contractions.  It will get the message correct for sending, but it can't read them.  If I get an SMS like, "I'll be at your place at 7," Vlingo will say "I and above semicolon "l" "l" be at your place at 7." 


Let me know if you have any of the same issues.



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Re: Samsung S2 Vlingo not quite ready for prime time?

Vlingo - I can't comment on this as it's one of the first things ROM devs on XDA nuke (due to the fact that it causes nasty home button lag), but as far as alternative speech engines causing Navigation to read XML - I have seen this only with one alternative speech engine, and that one (I forget the name) received numerous negative reviews for the issue.


I currently am using an Svox trial and will likely be purchasing the voice, I really like it.

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