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Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC + AT&T Laptop Connect?


Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC + AT&T Laptop Connect?

According to the press releases & website, the Q1 Ultra UMPC is supose to support Cingular/AT&T data connect. I've activated the account on a $60 laptop connect plan, put in the sim card & downloaded Comm. Manager but still have no luck accessing the internet. Samsung has been no help, most the techs don't even know they carry a Q1 device. And AT&T tech support is about as helpful. Anyone have any ideas or tips on how to get the internet to work? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC + AT&T Laptop Connect?

In efforts to avoid board clutter and confusion, we ask that you please refrain from cross and double posting. Please check here for responses to your inquiry. Thank you.

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