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Samsung Mythic Touch Screen NOT Working... Please Help!


Samsung Mythic Touch Screen NOT Working... Please Help!

Well, it looks like my almost 7 1/2 month old Mythic is starting to go bad. Smiley Sad Over the past couple of days, it's been having random shutdowns, and being uncooperative.

Unfortunately, my (troublesome) brother snatched my phone away from me, and I was trying to get it back from him. I had to wrestle him to get it out of his hands, but I finally pried it loose. When I looked at the screen, it was doing the same thing as it has been lately - randomly shutting down.

Usually, if I leave it alone for fifteen minutes, it will recover and work normally. He must have pressed the bottom buttons in the process of trying to get it away from him or something. I'm not really sure.

Ten minutes later, it finally turned on and STAYED on. But when I tried to press the "Menu" would not work. I pressed it again. Still nothing. This really began to worry me.

I left it alone (on, I think - it was probably turning on and off) for a time span of about 5 hours. I then checked it again to see if the screen would now work. Nothing.

The battery is now sitting out, and I'll see if leaving it out for about an hour will make the screen work again. If the screen does not work, the phone is useless. It's an all-touchscreen phone.

I really, really am crossing my fingers to see if it will work. I'm using it on a prepaid GoPhone plan, which means if it happens to die, I'm going to have to purchase another one for full-retail price. And I really don't have the money to buy one right now...

Can someone please offer me some advice/tell me what to do to make my Mythic's touch screen work again? This is pretty urgent. I use my phone every day.

Please, please help. Smiley Sad Thank you very much for ANY replies...

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Re: Samsung Mythic Touch Screen NOT Working... Please Help!


well I tried  


good luck with a new mythic. Maybe there is something new in QM phones at the AT&T stores.?...

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Re: Samsung Mythic Touch Screen NOT Working... Please Help!

Thanks for your help, anyway. You can't say that you didn't try. Smiley Wink

Maybe there is something new, it's just left undiscovered by me...

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