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I am going to create this board on the Samsung Magnet.  At this time, ATT is advertising the magnet on their main internet page, so I have to believe that as an ongoing promotion there shall be an ever increasing number of magnet users, who can add their own problems, solutions, and comments such that we can all help each other learn about our device and the service provided by ATT (or lack thereof).


Further, let me start by telling everyone about one (out of far too many in my humble opinion) problems I experienced with this device and the services provided by ATT.  I suppose I should add that I am one of these over demanding customers, who probably expects far too much from ATT for the money being paid.  Be that as it may, I have a number of beliefs, and one of them is that if I purchase a device from ATT along with a service to operate that device, that is what I should get.


Let me be clear.  Even as I write this my magnet is not yet a month old.  In fact, my order consisted of four phones, three of them magnets.  Now along with the phones, I purchased a two year contract that included the family texting plan.  And part of that plan includes the MMS service.  


It appeared that my family consisted of at least three imbeciles because not a one of us could get the MMS to work on our magnets.  Finally, out of frustration, I called customer service to help solve the problem.  Customer service, is of course, an oxymoron.  However, an extra dose of patience finally paid off and I was informed that I needed a software patch to rectify the problem.  


They walked me through the process, and set it up on their end such that I obtained the needed upgrade.  As I write this I still have two other magnets that need the upgrade, but I can say having it does solve the problem.  Almost a month into my service agreement, I finally am getting what I am paying for. (in this regard)


It is true that I expected far too much.  To think that a new device would have the correct software to operate that device is really unrealistic.  


And so should anyone else have a new magnet with mms problems, I would recomment getting with customer service to obtain the necessary upgrade.

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Re: Samsung Magnet

In my first post I related one problem I had with ATT.  In my humble opinion ATT used to be a strong, viable company.  My confidence in them is now shaken but I am determined that one of two things is going to happen.  First, I shall either get my issues resolved in a favorable manner, or I shall take my concerns to an arbitrator and let that Judge decide who is right. 


I have neither the time nor inclination to go through each problem I have had with ATT, but there are some issues I will discuss in depth.  I look forward to input from other ATT customers as this information could help me decide if I am being reasonable enough.  


 Let me give some background information.  I had wireless service provided by Embarq, who decided they were leaving the wireless business.  Thus I had about a 60 day period to find a new service provider.  Rightly or wrongly I choose ATT.  I obtained four phones, three of them Samsung Magnets.  Quite frankly I cannot recall the name of the last phone, but for now it is irrevelent.


The Samsung magnet was, and still is, advertised as being a phone that has bluetooth capacity.  I have this nasty little habit of believing everything I read. Thus I took ATT at their word about bluetooth.  I will state this is now a "major issue" between ATT and myself.  I suppose the road the ahead is going to be rough and bumpy, but I am not going to back down on this issue.


Although I wanted bluetooth for a few reasons, my frist project was to take a copy of the wallpaper I use on both my desktop and laptop, and transfer it to my phone such there is uniformity between my devices.  What should be such a simple task has become far more complex than calculus.  That simply is nothing more than totally unacceptable.


Yesterday I called customer service.  That name is really misleading.  This message board will not properly allow me to describe the incompetence of the individual, and I relate this story so that everyone can have a good laugh.   On the magnet you can get to the bluetooth menu.  The very first item on the menu let's you know if bluetooth is either enabled or disabled.  Well the customer service rep tells me we need to activate the bluetooth, and I inform her that I already have the bluetooth activated.


The rep then asked me what the phone said about bluetooth, and I told her.  This rocket scientist then informed me that when it said "on" that was deactivated.  As we needed to activate it we needed it to say "off".  I did not believe her for a minute but what could I do at this juncture.  So I decided to play along with what I now considered to be nothing more than a game.


She walked me throught the steps as easy as it is.  Now the magnet is designed such that when you change the status you get a pop up window of sorts.  Thus when I clicked on the number one feature of bluetooth, the pop up stated "bluetooth deactivated".   I informed my rocket scientist what it said, and she told me, "great!".  Had I won the lottery or what?


At this point I realized I was going to say something.  I wish I had the recording of that conversation, but as best as I can remember it went like this.  "This is truly amazing, and I am beginning to see the problem.  I assumed when it said deacitvate it actually meant that.  Likewise for activate.  I now know that at least with ATT these words have opposite meanings.  There is not one word about this in the owner's manual so how would I ever guess?  This is remarkable!"


I suppose one could argue that I was mocking the clerk, and they could be right.   But as amazing as it might sound the customer rep then told me that they also found it quite confusing in the beginning.  But they had now gotten used to it and she was going to work me through my problems.  I suppose she meant well but the stark reality was that my bluetooth was deactivated and as such, we were not going anyway forward.


Ten minutes or so later the rep was willing to admit defeat.  Something just was not right here.  (She never realized the bluetooth was off.)  She was going to transfer me to a "technical" customer service rep, who would surely help me solve the problem.  I am sure you have all been through the drill.  Can I put you on hold while I contact them and explain the problem.  


A few minutes later she transfers me to the new rep.  Now let me tell you one great thing about the first rep.  As crazy as the situation was, her memory was quite sufficient.  Therefore, she was able to relay exactly what had transpired.  I could not hear it, but subsequent events made clear she got it right.


Before I could get out a full sentence with the new rep, she asked if she could interrupt.  She explained that the first rep explained what had happened, and at this juncture she needed to apoligize because the first rep clearly did not understand the situation.  The bottom line was that activate means what is says, ditto to deactivate.


I must give ATT credit.  They do know how to say sorry.  But sadly I do not see any real results other than the statement.  I do not consider myself a rude or vindictive person, but this is clearly a scenario where the first rep needs to join the millions of other unemployed Americans at the unemployment office.  Our job market is such that ATT can find people who realize the difference between on and off.


Maybe I am asking too much, but if a person cannot tell the difference between on and off, just how much help can they provide customers on much more technical and complex issues?  Am I asking too much here?





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Re: Samsung Magnet

Moving on, I am now talking to the "technical" customer support rep who is going to help me solve all my Magnet problems.  They all certainly know how to read the script.  We did not make much progress when it came to bluetooth.  We got to the point where the technician asked me what exactly I was trying to do.  I hated to answer that question, because, I fail to see how that is relevent to the problem.  However, I took the time to explain that I wanted to transfer the picture.  I felt there were two ways I should be able to accomplish this simple task.................bluetooth or MMS.............and neither is working on my phone. 


In my first post above I related how I needed a software update such that my MMS would properly work.  We accomplished that, and to the reps credit she set up a time for to call me the following day such that the other two magnet phones could be updated as well.  At this point point I am thinking I am making progress.  One out of two is not bad.  


I am still somewhat surprised and shocked at something this rep told me.  She told me she has been with ATT for four years, and I was the first person she ever talked to that wanted to make a bluetooth connection between their desktop and the phone.  I must admit I have no reason to doubt her, but it is truly hard to believe.  However, she was going to contact Samsung to see how this gets accomplished, and she was going to have the answer for me when she called back to update the second and third magnets.


I was mollified at that point, and then the technical rep then told me she was going to help me even further.  She was going to provide me with yet another way I could transfer the picture to my phone.  She told me that I could email the picture to myself.  Of course, I thought I knew that............but in that the email function requires data, and I do not have a data plan, I cannot see why I should pay to do something that is covered by what I am paying for.


In this regard I learnt something new from the technician even though she got it wrong.  But let me tell you how this unfolded because I know this is new to me, and just might be new to others out there as well. 


I hope I do not confuse anyone..........but apparantly there are two types of email.  Let me start with the most obvious.  One of the nine features on the magnet menu is entitled "mobile email".  If you use that function you either need to have a data plan or be prepared to pay a fee for the time you are using it.  Therefore, we will now leave what I am going to call for lack of a better word, "traditional email".


The second way to email works differently.  ATT processes this procedure the same as a message.  Therefore, you do not need a data plan, but you do need a messaging plan.  (Which fortunately I do have).  In order to use this second email procedure you need to know the email address for your phone.  Let me give you all the format for your phones email address (as initially provided to me by the technician).  (your-10-digit-phone-number)


All you techical geniuses out there should notice the problem with this email address.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty and maybe I could have figured this out, but I didn't.  Oh, I hung up the phone quite happy.  I thought I finally was going to transfer that picture I wanted to use for my wallpaper. 


For over a decade I have used yahoo mail and only recently have thought about changing, but that is another story.  I must have sent myself ten messages with the picture attached to each of them.  And while the messages came through without problem, there was never an attached picture.   The problem was the email address, and this is yet another shinging example of a service rep making a fundamental mistake.


In this regard your wireless phone has two email addresses.  The only provided above will work for email, but if you want to send a picture use this one.




Let me remind you that you do not actually put the parenthesis around your phone number.  But if you send an email with an attachment using that address it will work.  


I still have much to tell but it is getting late so let me close by saying this.  I now have the picture in my phone.  I have not figured out how to use it as a background, but that is going to be the easy part I believe.   When I resume my story I shall get back to bluetooth because still remains my biggest problem.




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Re: Samsung Magnet

Certainly on the positive side we now have three Magnets that will send MMS messages.  I am starting to see the vision I had when I choose ATT to be my service provider.  Now Bluetooth is another story.  In this regard I want to make another teachable moment here.  All the technology guru's will know this, but if you are like need to learn as well as I recently have.


If you were to buy a new computer today there is a chance it has a built in dongle.  But most new computers, and certainly almost all those over a year old do not have a dongle.  A dongle (and I assure you not one customer service rep I spoke with knew what a dongle was) is a hardware device for your desktop or laptop computer that serves as a bluetooth antenna.  I believe it was when Microsoft developed the Service Pack 2 for Windows XP they included the necessary software for the computer to use bluetooth.   


Therefore you need that software and then you must add the hardware (dongle) and your computer becomes a viable bluetooth device.  For those of you who enjoy online shopping...........dongles start at about three dollars.   They seem to have good reviews, but I choose to buy one locally.  If I had any problems I wanted a place to go and vent.


Wallyworld has a universal dongle for twenty dollars.  The dongle worked well in my desktop when I plugged it into a USB port.  However, after doing some research I decided that I would not use the drivers provided by Microsoft, but rather install the drivers on the dongle's software.  


Seemingly like any other new toy, I had some problems right from the beginning.   As is all too often the case I did not use common sense.  To understand this I need to add two other facts.  First, I also installed the dongle software on my laptop such that I can change the dongle between devises when necessary.  Second, my fourth phone is a Samsung SGH-a237.  This phone, like the Magnet, is supposed to have bluetooth. 


Everything on my desktop indicated that the dongle was working.   However neither Samsung phone could pick up the bluetooth from my desktop.  I would ask them to search and search, and each came back time and time again, "no bluetooth device found". 


For reasons I cannot rationally explain, I was blaming the dongle.  I put the dongle in the laptop and then positioned the phones on my desk such that they were less than a quarter of an inch away from actually touching the dongle.  Same result, the phones were not picking up a bluetooth signal. 


I packed up the laptop and dongle, and put the magnet in my pocket.  I made sure I had all the user manuels and necessary receipts and such, and off I was to Wallyworld.  I should not have been surprised but the Wallyworld clerk was educated in the same school as ATT service reps, and as a result I am sure she thought I was some crazy customer who just wanted his product to work well.


At this point I must go off on a short tangent.  I do not want to make my problems political, but the stark reality is America is no longer the country I once knew.  No one person or political party is to blame...................they are all crooks and all equally culpable.  But although our politicians and press have not been forthright with the American people, you can take one thing to the bank.  Our economy is not going to recover, and the abundant jobs of just five years ago are gone forever.  


Having said that there is no longer an excuse for companies retaining unqualified people.  Zip, zero, neicht, nada.  There are millions of Americans begging for jobs.  Many are well educated, including some technology guru's.  It is time for all companies to fire the dead wood and replace them with people who will appreciate the jobs.  In my humble opionion this is not just a option, but a business necessity.  For the last two fiscal quarters corporations have tried to impress Wall Street by improving their bottom line.  Their only option toward that goal was to cut overhead, in too many cases by cutting personnel.  While that was a viable option, it will only work for so long.  Soon companies only option to improve their bottom line shall be to increase their customer base.  You cannot do that unless you provide a real, no nonsense customer service program to your customers.


Engough ranting, back to the problem.  Wallyworld could not help but the manager did let me set up in the department and a customer was willing to lend his expertise to help solve the problem.  This gentleman had a wireless phone whose service is provided by one of ATT's major competitor's.  Imagine my surprise when his wireless found found my laptop and my laptop found his phone.  As he so aptly put it, "well, we know the dongle is working."


Try as we might we could not get my magnet to do the same, and I do not mind adding here, I was getting madder and matter at ATT with each passing minute.







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Re: Samsung Magnet

Well yesterday was a lost day.  Had a few errands to run in the morning, came home to find the power out.  It was not restored until shortly after nine at night.  Yesterday clearly illustrated how we are all slaves to technology.  I was lost without power.  But it is amazing how far we have come, we just never realize it until we lose the technology.


As for bluetooth............ Returning home from Wallyworld, it was actually then that I installed the dongle's packaged software (drivers).  After completing that task I finally made some progress.  I got to the point where my desktop will find my phone.  In fact my phone will list my desktop as a bluetooth device.  Now with this major event, I found some new information.  Namely, if I selected "options" for my desktop icon on my phone, I got a whole new submenu.  This submenu has three options: 1. Settings; 2. Delete; or 3. Bluetooth Services.


Now from this submenu I selected number three.  That brought up yet another submenu that listed the following: 1. Headset; 2. File Transfer; 3. Object Push; 4. Dial-up Networking; 5. Serial Port.


In that I am interested in accomplishing a file transfer I selected number two,   Yet another submenu is displayed with the option: 1. Help: or 2. Refresh List.


If I choose Help, I get this comment, "File Transfer: Used to Provide Internet Access for Bluetooth Devices via the Phone's Modem."


If I choose option 2 I go back to the Bluetooth Services sub menu.


Thus that is as far as I have gotten.  At this point let me say that whenever I either connect/disconnect the bluetooth from my desktop to the phone, my phone also tells me the process has been completed.  But so far I have not managed to accomplish anything with that connection.


This is where I stood when I received my call back from the Technical Customer Service Representative.  To refresh everyone's memory two things were to be accomplished by this call back.  First, my second and third magnets were to be upgraded such that the MMS would work and then second, and most importantly, we were to address the bluetooth issue.


Now as far as the first issue goes, this was yet another blatant mistake on the part of ATT's representative.  In that the software fix had been sent to the three phones, these two only needed to be shut off and turned back on for the change to take effect.  That meant there was only one issue left to resolve.......Bluetooth...........and I shall leave that to my next post.



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Re: Samsung Magnet

The Technical Service Representative informed me that they had contacted Samsung.  The problem was that the Samsung Magnet only supports a bluetooth headset, and no other Bluetooth services are available. 


That was the answer I feared........and of course, in my humble opinion, a totally unacceptable answer.  In fact, after I had the phones I read somewhere here on these forums of other customers who obtained similar information.  One even told of exchanging the phone for another.  Well, with everything ATT has put me through thus far, I can assure anyone reading this one thing.  If this matter does not get resolved, and by resolved, I mean that if the phone is not bluetooth capable as CLEARLY described in the ATT propaganda advertisements, I shall see ATT and Samsung here in our local Court system.


I am not an attorney and cannot even be sure I will win.  But I am absolutely posivite that these two entities are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending this lawsuit.   I will have them in Court every week on one Motion and/or another.  For me this is a matter of integrity.  And it is a matter of integrity I will want the public to see, and accordingly I will be constantly sending out press releases over the litigation.


Any history buff will know that there was a time in this country that if one challenged another man's word, they were going to fight, all too often to the death of one party.  In part, this is specifically why deuling was banned as a matter of law.  But today our country has evolved to the point where lying is far too prevelent.  Politicians lie and businessmen lie.  NEVER LET THE TRUTH GET IN THE WAY OF TRYING TO MAKE A DOLLAR.


And in this regard it is crystal clear to me that ATT is lying.  For those who might think lying is far too harsh a word, then let me pacify you by stating that ATT is misrepresenting the capacity of the Samsung Magnet phone.


Certainly I jumped ahead in my story in relating my willingness to resolve this matter in court prior to fully explaining my last phone call with ATT.  I will get back to that call but let me go off on another of my tangents.


A few days ago I followed a link at the CNN website which directed me to an article written by CNET about ATT and the iphone.  This article made two main points: 1. iphone users love their devices and therefore love Apple; and 2. iphone users hate their service provider and given the opportunity to obtain service elsewhere, would leave ATT in droves.


Certainly I wish I had read this article before choosing ATT, but some things we cannot change.   However this article said something I profoundly agree with.   I do not remember it verbatim but it went something to the effect that if the ATT spin doctors think they are fooling anyone, are they in for a rude awakening.  They went on to point out it is very hard to fool the very people who use the device and service provided by ATT.


I agree with this.  Maybe many people give up in frustration, but I shall not be one.  There must be accountability and ATT by virtue of it's size is not above the law.


Let me get back to my phone conversation.  I was getting nowhere, so asked to talk with a supervisor.  Once I had a supervisor, he volunteered to hold a three way conversation with a rep from Samsung.  It was here that I really got some good information.  It became crystal clear that the Samsung Magnet is, in and by itself, capable of handling all Bluetooth functions.  However, pursuant to their agreement with ATT, they restricted the capability of the phone hardware by the particular software installed in the phone.


The Samsung rep had their product questioned.  They had a manuel which contained the script answer for the problem.   They read the sript and it was quite clear to me.  This is a problem that has been caused by ATT.  Which no doubt is their prerogative.............just make sure you are honest about your position.


I mention this because the position taken by the ATT Customer Service Representative was pathetic.  Of course this was a position taken after the Samsung rep had hung up.  Nonetheless he contended it was not the fault of ATT and that Samsung had never blamed ATT.   I suppose for the sake of honesty I have to agree, they never blamed ATT directly.  Rather............their script blamed the "Service Provider" and I only have one service provider.


Slitting hairs over semantics is quite frustrating.  And as I explained to the Supervisor I relish and look forward to hearing such arguments in a Court of law.  But who is kidding who, when the issues get to the lawyers, ATT will never raise these points.  They might take me for granted, and believe I will buy their drivel, but I welcome them  to try these tactics with a Judge.   Courts will not tolerate such nonsense.








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Re: Samsung Magnet

When the three party conversation started the Samsung Magnet only supported a bluetooth headset.  When it ended the Magnet could also handle other bluetooth features, although I must confess that it was somewhat confusing just how to get the other services to operate correctly.  I must confess after being on the phone for a few hours, I was getting tired and hungry.  I certainly know the supervisor was more confused than I was and to a certain degree it was humorous.  It was also sad because a simple procedure should never be that complicated.


Before the supervisor let me go he wanted to see if we could "bluetooth" a picture from my phone to the computer.  After all, he also heard that it was possible, and was forced to change his initial position.  Well you can send your pictures to a service entitled HP Snapfish.   I actually thought we were making progress because my desktop is an HP.  But after all was said and done, this is a "pay" service.  And you can bet there is a contract between ATT and Snapfish which gives ATT a portion of the money made from ATT customers.


And this is the heart of the matter.  If I could "bluetooth" my pictures to my own computer, I would not need Snapfish, and ATT would not make any extra money.  If I could "bluetooth" a ringtone from my computer to my wireless, I would not need to shop in the ATT store.  Put in other words, if bluetooth was working properly, as bluetooth was designed, then ATT can not nickel and dime their customers to death.  They could get away with that in what I will call the old economy.  I do not think it will work in the new economy.


Regardless, the Samsung Magnet is clearly advertised as a bluetooth device.  This is false, misleading advertising, something that is not legal in America.  While I am still going to work to get bluetooth working properly, if I finally dertermine it does not work, it will be clear that I have been damaged, and I will look to the courts to make me whole, and to issue punitive damages for the eggregious behavior of ATT. 


I ask anyone else who has or had or even knows of someone having the same issues to please leave your comments here.  Thank you, and I shall be posting updates when applicable.

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Re: Samsung Magnet

Wow this thread is quite a good rant. I would have thought the OP a complete fool, had I not had the pleasure of dealing with ATT myself. I too, have quite a story to tell. It began three years ago when I bought my first phone from ATT. I was irritated at my local store because the phone I wanted required you to get a messaging plan to get the discounted price, but the website didn't require messaging to get this price. The wonderful person at the local store hung up on me. ATT customer service was reasonable when I told them of my plight, though, and I recieved the phone (a Samsung Sync, by the way) for free, as well as a pair of headphones for it.


But on to my recent purchase. When I began my search for the phone I wanted, I at first had settled upon the Samsung Jack, since it has WiFi. To my dismay, I found that the phone cannot be bought without a data plan. That's right, there's not even a discount for the data plan, the phone simply cannot be bought without it. This is because ATT demands that if you want Internet on your phone, it must be from them. Well, no big deal, I thought. I'll just get a cheaper phone with a full keyboard, and upgrade to a small messaging plan. I had thought about the Instinct, but I despise touch screens, so I went with the Magnet. When I recieved the phone, I was initially impressed with the quality of the build for such a cheap phone, and the keys felt nice. My opinion soon changed though. It turns out, the operating system ATT has on the Magnet is the exact same operating system that was on the Sync (a phone I recieved for free) three years ago. Not only this, but as the OP most eloquently stated, the bluetooth on the phone is useless. I also discovered that the Magnet had no slot for an SD card, which I suppose I should have checked before I bought it, but it isn't that big of a deal (the Sync had a SD slot with a good music player). What it comes down to is, my 3 year old free phone was better than my new $20 phone, minus the full keyboard. ATT has become what Microsoft used to be, a company that pins its customers into spending as much of their money as possible, and still not delivering on their promised service. Overall, I suppose my phone will do, but ATT's manner of service simply cannot be tolerated by thinking consumers.

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Re: Samsung Magnet

Hey all

Bought my Magnet about 2 months ago so far no problems (major ones anyway) the internet cache fills up quickly and you need to clear it often. In order to get wallpaper and or other items from my computer or backup my phone I bought a data cable ( from AT&T about 25 dollars) downloaded the program New Pc Studio( again from AT&T) everything works great. I can now backup my contacts or music or wallpapers or send them to my phone. The data cable plugs into the same port as the charger(neat). Im learning to text family and friends and surfing the internet getting stock quotes and just whatever. I Really love it (especially sense it was free)(special email promotion from AT&T) of course my bill is about 80+ dollars a month but I have rollover minutes and unlimited text and data options.I really like the full qwerty keyboard my last phone had the number and letters together ,it was really hard to text with it. As for the Bluetooth I only use it while driving but it works fine so far can't use it with my computer but to me that's fine (i.e. bought the data cable)

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Re: Samsung Magnet

I'm w/KingsnKastles on this being complete BS that the Magnet's bluetooth is only good for headsets.  I just got mine yesterday to discover that my device is not compatible w/my version of Windows, which, of course, made me go - WTH?!?  How could a brand new phone NOT be compatible w/Windows 7???  I called AT&T customer service, which was useless, and they transferred me to Samsung's support w/out even telling me - only to hear that Samsung support is closed on Sundays.  I called AT&T back and did find out that I should have at least gotten a usb cord WITH my phone in the box; they claimed that was pretty much standard with most phones these days, so now I'm trekking back to the store to at least try and get my cord that was supposed to be included to do 'wired' file transfers.  However, now that I've read Kings comments I'm HIGHLY concerned about getting this phone to be bluetooth capable, and I will most likely NOT keep it if it's not.  We'll see how my conversation with Samsung support goes tomorrow.

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