Samsung Jack keep beeping


Samsung Jack keep beeping



I have a new Samsung Jack, just got it about 5 days ago.  For some reason it keeps beeping every minute.  It's fairly quiet, like the beep that you hear when plugging it into the charger.


It's not very loud normally but it's annoying as ever when it's going through the night.   


Anyone have any ideas on how I stop this annoying beep?






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Re: Samsung Jack keep beeping

If you have WiFi enabled, there is a setting to notify you when a WiFi access point is available; this may be the source of your beeping.


From the Settings -> Connections -> Wireless Manager -> Menu -> Wi-Fi Settings -> Menu Advanced -> Available network notification -> Off


Give that a try and see if your beeping stops.  If not, I would check under Settings -> Sounds -> Other Sounds and disable any of the sounds you may not need.





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