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Samsung Infuse: Great Phone With Major Issue


Samsung Infuse: Great Phone With Major Issue

The Samsung Infuse is an awesome phone...I am really liking it. However, the stock browser and gallery will often lock up, sit there and do nothing...then vibrate once and twice (like a Force Close) but remain locked will do the vibrate pattern again and then go blank...after that, it will act as if it had rebooted...

This appears to only have happened with the stock browser, gallery and one game I had...this could be a "Force Close" issue...I returned the phone for another one and same problem.

Yes, I can (and did) go to a new browser and gallery replacement (QuickPic is great!) and it seems stable...but my concern is that the load of Android 2.2.1 is bad on this phone. If I am the only one (happens on wife's phone too), then it could be other apps we have loaded. But if others are experiencing this, we need to make it loud and clear to AT&T and Samsung to get it fixed or get Gingerbread out ASAP.



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Re: Samsung Infuse: Great Phone With Major Issue

Sorry, but this made me chuckle a bit. At&t + Samsung, while they do make a good partnership as far as getting devices out to us, are hardly the best (or second best, or third..) when it comes to supporting current or last generation devices. One would only need to go back and look at posts regarding the Blackjack and Epix for an example of what I'm talking about. You want reliable support? Hit up xda-devs ;P

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Re: Samsung Infuse: Great Phone With Major Issue

I'm not having the issue with mine. Did you have the problem before loading after market Apps? Or did you try it when you got the replacement?
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