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Samsung Infuse External Antenna Booster


Samsung Infuse External Antenna Booster

At Home I get very poor reception, and since just about every cell phone has an adapter that plugs into the micro USB port to connect to an external antenna, I have not seen one for the Infuse.  Any help will be appreciated.  The AT%T MicroCell does not work with my network no matter what I try.  So I am left with connecting the Infuse to an external booster antenna/cable. has a cable for every cell phone in the world except the Infuse.  Help

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Re: Samsung Infuse External Antenna Booster

A cradle booster like the Wilson Sleek or one of their amps with the Cradle Plus would probably do the job, or, depending on the construction and configuration of your home, you might be able to get a higher-end Wilson setup like the DB Pro that will cover a few rooms.


The DB Pro has to be installed properly to work - if there is insufficient isolation between the roof antenna and the indoor one, the amp will shut down to protect itself from oscillations.


I use their 801212 vehicle kit in my Subaru and it works great.


Also, very few cell phones have external antenna ports these days.  I haven't seen one for years.


One question - What materials is your home made out of?  Do you get decent reception outside?  If you don't have OK reception outside, a Wilson amp might not help much.  If you get OK reception when standing on the roof but not at ground level, a Wilson amp might help quite a bit.

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