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Samsung Infuse 4G issues


Samsung Infuse 4G issues

Okay so I've had this phone about a week or so now and I'm wondering if the following issues are standard fare for the Infuse, Android or what:


1. The LEDs on the front of the phone seem to be non-functional. It seems to me that something should light up when you plug it into the charger and change colors when it's fully charged.

Also, shouldn't the LED's indicate a new message, e-mail, voice message received?


2. Bluetooth seems to only allow one bluetooth device at a time to be pared with it. I had my Plantronics pared with it and then I pared my Moto S9 stereo headset with it and it kicked out the Plantronics headset.???? That seems odd to me.


3. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to make the phone both silent and no vibration without clicking several things. Seems like there should be a one touch thing somewhere.


4. Is there a way to tell how many satellites your gps has found in google maps (google maps seems to have come standard on the phone)? Sometimes it says my location is not available right now but it will find my location sitting in my house but it's not fast about it. In my building at work, it won't find any at all which isn't very surprising really.


I think there is one more thing but my memory is failing me right now so I'll let it go for now.



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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G issues

Another issue is that a basic email account doesn't seem to update on schedule. Sure, if I open the account it updates. But, not so much without doing that. For instance, I opened my comcast account this morning only to watch it update email from yesterday. The account is set to update hourly.
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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G issues

There are no LED's even on this phone!!!

a front facing cam -yes



you want led's switch to a diff phone,like the htc inspire...btw the inspires speakerphone sucks


if you go in to the settings and sound vibrate press the arrow next to it then press never...that will make it silent without vibrate being on


the phone will not let you use to sound bluetooth wants you to pick

either or

wont do both...thats not odd

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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G issues

There is no way to view number of sats directly from Google Maps.


If you wish, you can grab GPS Status and Toolbox from the Market - it's free and a VERY useful app.

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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G issues

The app called GPS Test works well to for viewing the number of satellites and the accuracy.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G issues

Also, not sure if it works on stock firmware, but the app "SGS Tools" on the market lets you access a lot of test menus, including Samsung's "LBSTest" mode, which lets you test/configure the GPS.  Be careful about the "configure" part though...

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