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Samsung Infuse 4G Question...


Samsung Infuse 4G Question...

Having Recently up-dated to the Samsung Infuse 4G , I have  a question ... How do you save a picture /or Video recieved via message to your gallery... When I click on the pic/or video there is a bar that comes up with forward.backward arrows,and a middle button...but when I click on that it doesn;t save to the gallery,when I clicked on the menu ...there doesn''t show and save button to select....Any of you out there  that have this phone , and can assist me,sure would appreciate it... Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G Question...

I think you "long press" on the picture. (press and hold, rather than pressing once.). The option to save should pop up.
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Re: Samsung Infuse 4G Question...

Tap the received picture in your messaging thread and it should open up to a larger view of the picture. Press the Menu button > Attached items > check the picture/file name and then tap 'Save'. It will then be saved to your gallery. Smiley Happy

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