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Samsung Impression touch screen doesn't respond


Samsung Impression touch screen doesn't respond

My Impression touch screen has stopped responding to touch. My slide-out keyboard still works and all the buttons work, but I can't even get to the settings to do a master reset. The screen locks and unlock just fine and looks normal. I have turned off, took the battery out, replaced it and started it back up and the touch screen is still not active. Any ideas?
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Re: Samsung Impression touch screen doesn't respond

     Try removing the battery while the phone is powered on still.
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Re: Samsung Impression touch screen doesn't respond

Same here - lots and lots and lots of this same problem posted on Samsung's page. A spectacularly junky phone. We bought two of them at the same time. One was defective from day 1 and samsung and at&t both admitted it was defective, yet refused to change it or repair it. It finally did become "physically damaged," so we replaced it with an iphone. The other impression has lasted a total of 3 months before encountering what is evidently a common problem. The touch screen is not working at all - for which the only solution seems to be to "recalibrate the screen." That, of course, isn't possible as NOTHING on the screen works at all. The solution from Samsung is, "I understand your situation." Now they are trying to convince me that I've "physically damaged" this defective, poorly made landfill fodder. Why not make products that last longer than a couple of months for a change? It's good customer service. I'll never buy any samsung product ever again. At&t contract renewal? Not likely.

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