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Samsung Impression, need to replace battery cover

Samsung Impression, need to replace battery cover

I've used my extensive Google powers, tried with live chat, tried with tech support. No one seems to know what to do about me getting a replacement battery cover.


Although the folks at the AT&T store suggested buying a whole phone just for the battery cover, I think I'll try something else.


Any ideas? Tips? Anyone have a spare sitting around?

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Re: Samsung Impression, need to replace battery cover

Since no one answered, I figured I would be more helpful and at least share what I discovered.


By contacting Samsung directly, they do not yet have spare parts to send out individually, but they expect to be able to do that within the next few weeks.

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Re: Samsung Impression, need to replace battery cover

Yo, I know this post was a cupple years ago but...

in the name of the internet, i'm willing to create a totally usless At&t acount.

If only to use it once.

So I can bring you, the people of the internet, the information you desire.


I to, am look for a back cover for my Samsung Impression.

I called 1-800-SAMSUNG and after only 20 mins of waiting, I can say, you can now

buy this cover from them. Their representive clams you can find this somewhere on

their website. But I have yet to locate that.

The problem for me was, they only had "Royal Blue" in stock.

And my phone is black.. for $10.50 I'll wait untill someone has it on ebay.


{Please keep it courteous}

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Re: Samsung Impression, need to replace battery cover

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