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Samsung I897 Captivate battery


Samsung I897 Captivate battery

I have a new Samsung I897.  The battery life is horrible with very limited use.  I tried all of the suggestions from local ATT store (screen dim, no wifi, task killer etc.).  The only thing that made any difference is turning off "background data".  If it is off I get 2 days out of the battery.  If it is on, maybe 8-10 hours. 

Do you have any more suggestions?

If the phone can't sync it sort of defeats the purpose of having it.

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Re: Samsung I897 Captivate battery

had same problem with mine when i first got it. run your battery down to about 10%. turn your phone off. plug in the charger and let your battery fully charge. that should fix it. it fixed mine. oh by the way. never buy a samsung again.

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