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Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket headset mic problem


Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket headset mic problem

Hi, i've bought a couple of Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrockets few days ago, and i've noticed on both devices whenever i use the headset that came with them to make a phone call, the person in the other end will complaine about my voice not being clear. i was wondering if any of you' encountered this issue before,


thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket headset mic problem

My wired headset worked fine in terms of hearing, but the mic was totally dead.  I tried three different headsets (different brands, including Bose) with exactly the same results.  Sound on my end is fine, and the caller on the other end hears nothing.  Have rebooted, pulled battery, etc.  Phone is going to be exchanged.   Other than that, I love the device.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket headset mic problem

 I have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and prior to this I had a regular Galaxy S2. On both phones I have the same problem that you describe. People that I call continuously say that my voice sounds muffled or that they hear their own voice echoing. I have done a good amount of research and most people have come to conclude that it is either a software issue or a design flaw dealing with samsung's placement of the microphone. Some people try to say that the speaker is heard by the secondary noise cancellation mic on the top of the phone which quiets the voice. I even tried turning noise suppression off and I still didnt see a difference. The best way to hear how bad it is, is by leaving yourself a voicemail. It almost sounds as if you are talking into a can. And it is definitely not a service issue as I live in a major city and never once had problems with my captivate. And last but not least it is not an issue caused by a case on the phone

  As much as this phone has been publicised as being the best phone ever, its most basic feature, the calling portion, is poor.

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