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Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 SIM PIN & PUK codes


Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 SIM PIN & PUK codes

Upon receiving my new phone I wanted to take advantage of requiring the entering of the SIM card PIN to turn on the phone, and that PIN is also required for some security apps so you can track a stolen/lost phone.  ATT doesn't tell you in the package your phone comes in what the SIM PIN is, so of course, I called ATT Customer Care.  The first person told me it was "probably some default number, so try 0000."  That didn't work and used up one of 3 allowed tries.  I called back, got someone different who told me "Only Samsung has the PINs.  We don't have any record of SIM PINs for our phones.  Call them."  I contacted Samsung Customer Support, who told me they don't have them, the SIMs are provided by the carrier & they set the PINs.  Then I called ATT for the 3rd time.  He told me they call SIM PINs "PUK" and gave me the # for mine.  Of course that didn't work, and now I was down to one last attempt left before my phone locks up.  I called ATT a 4th time.  The fella told me the phone automatically sets up a SIM PIN when the phone is first turned on & had me pick that PIN.  I told him there was no such option when I first set up the phone.  He then told me to enter any# 3 times to lock up the SIM card, then call him back & he'd give me the PUK to unlock the phone.  I told him I would be locked out of the phone, so how could I call him back?


ATT, you just have to train your folks better than this.  I logged into my account & dug through layers of links until I came across an explanation of SIM PINs & PUKs, and it turns out that ALL ATT SIM cards are set to the same default PIN, which I now have (it worked!), and now I've changed it.  How could trained customer care representatives give me such a load of misinformation?


So fellow phone owners, if you want to know what your SIM PIM is, I suggest not calling, but log into your account & do a search for SIMs & PUKs.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 SIM PIN & PUK codes

Did you ever fix the SIM PIN/PUK code issue with your phone?

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