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Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date


Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

Has anyone heard when the S2 will be released?  I've heard late July, but was hoping sooner.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

Haven't seen anything on the android blog/news sites that I frequent.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

I've heard from late Q3-mid Q4 through the grapevine.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

I will wait.  At&t is supposed to start rolling out LTE soon, so I think my Captivate will last me until I can get an LTE phone.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

Is it going to be an AT&T-exclusive phone or would it have to be unlocked to use it? I've searched Engadget and there doesn't seem to be a carrier noted...

Otherwise, it's a cool phone and could be a good successor to the original Samsung Galaxy S/Captivate. Although I don't expect to be replacing my Captivate any time soon.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

LOL, by the time at&t releases it, the S3 will be out.  I don't blame at&t exclusively, all the carriers in the USA are slow to release phones (unless it has apple plastered all over it).  They have to neuter the phones to the point that to get any performance, you need to dump the carrier rom and install a custom rom, to get rid of the bloat.

Hopefully, Samsung & HTC, by saying they are going to unlock the bootloader, will start a trend, where the phones actually perform the way the manufacturer intends, not the way the carriers force them to perform.

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