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Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date


Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

Is it too much to ask to get some kind of solid response on this?


Early August?  Late July?


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All speculation if you ask me...

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

Since Samsung is in a current battle with Apple, I would imagine that the it would release a couple weeks before the new iphone releases. Samsung was supposed to supply chips for Apple but they have recently changed the chipset. Samsung has been rumored to change their chipset so that it will run at the same speed as the rumored Iphone 5. Both of these companies are playing games and not really worrying about the consumer. Apple says that they are revolutionary and they really aren't, and android's OS updates take forever to reach all devices. So we shall see what happens.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Date

This forum is not the place that you will find an official release date from att wireless. It is a user forum monitored by att provided for users to help users. Att does not actively participate except to police it and maintain decorum. Once a phone is released they will provide a link to a user guide. Att wireless press releases are not even posted within these forums.

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