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Samsung Galaxy S III Screen Issue


Samsung Galaxy S III Screen Issue

When I watch a movie, and only during a very dark scene, I see what looks like a wire or something under the screen. It is like a hook for the UN in Samsung at the top of the phone curving for about an inch. It is only visible in a dark room while black is being displayed on the phone, pretty much when watching a dark movie. I ran pixel tests and it doesn't look like an issue with the screen itself and I don't see it while color is displayed. Has anyone else noticed this or is there something wrong with the phone? I called ATT Customer Care and they said they had not heard anything like that. I know it sounds like a nitpicky thing but I was just wondering if it is worth getting the phone replaced.


Thanks for readin.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S III Screen Issue

I would wait until there are display models in the store and go look at one of those and play a YouTube video.  If the problem exists there too, contact Samsung about it.  Determine if you can live with Samsung's solution or what you have now for the next 20 months (if contracts apply to you). 


If the store model doesn't show this problem, exchange your phone on the spot!

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