Samsung Galaxy S II - GPS Feature


Samsung Galaxy S II - GPS Feature

I am trying to figure out why my Galaxy S II navigation feature can work flawlessly from Atlanta to Ohio and then south through WV and then stop cold in VA, NC and SC?

In Ohio I was in some way out areas with cloud cover and no cell service and the thing tracked perfectly, then crossed the VA line from WV and it dropped never to pick up again.

I also travel back and forth from NC to GA on I-20 and it works out of Atlanta almost to Augusta then drops.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S II - GPS Feature

No clue unless you went through a LightSquared testing area.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S II - GPS Feature

Never used my GS2 for over a prolonged drive (longest is 4 hours) but in my past experience with my Captivate (which has a very poor GPS) that sometimes, after using both GPS and data connection for too long, the phone overheats and some functions will be shutdown.

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