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Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Sony Xperia Ion


Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Sony Xperia Ion

I know both of these phones aren't out yet but I wanted to know what you guys thought of both of these phones and which one would be better to go with.


That link has a comparison of specs for both phones.


I kinda want the Galaxy Note for the stylus, but the Xperia Ion just seems like a nicer phone. 

What are your opinions of both?

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Galaxy Note

I have the Note, bought it just before Christmas.  Granted, the at&t version will be missing the home button,

have a different processor, and have an LTE radio, but, basically they are the same.  LTE won't be in my

area until sometime NEXT century LOL.  I'm getting H+ speeds, and connect to wi-fi most of the time anyway.

Coming from the Dell streak, the size of the note wasn't an issue.  Streak had a 5" screen, the note is 5.3".

Actually, because the lack of a huge bezel that the streak had, the note is actually a little smaller, and thinner

than the streak was.

Now for the guts...the screen........GORGEOUS!  I just got another update pushed 2.3.6 LA4 rom, which broke

the root exploit, so I'm waiting for a fix for that, but this thing gets faster which each update (another reason I

went with the internation version...update get pushed FASTER).  The speaker could be a little louder for videos,

etc, but I use BT 100% of the time, so I don't really need the external speaker.

The stylus works great!  I use it mainly for signing documents.  I don't use a screen protector, because of the hardened

glass (guys on the xda-forum have an ongoing debate...does it or does it not have gorilla glass, so I say hardened glass).

I pull it in and out of a soft pouch/belt clip dozens of times a day and haven't had any problems with the glass being


Battery life isn't bad.  At night, I have mine set up to check 2 email accounts every 30 minutes, update the weather

once an hour, and (now that root is gone) the 4-5 samsung loaded programs that run all the time, I can go to

bed at 10pm with 100% battery and wake up at 6am with 98 or 97% battery remaining.  I keep the screen at

about 30% brightness.  I can pretty much go the entire day on a charge, using email, text, and 70-100 minutes

of phone.  I don't play games, music, which I sure would drain the battery more quickly.


Hope that helps Man Happy

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Re: Galaxy Note

I joined just to get into this discussion ;p I too am also between these two phones.. The Galaxy note is nice for stylus use...screen size..


BUT...lets not forget the xperia is a nice and more preffered pocket size at 4.6..and still not "small" the screen should be of better resolution because it is a certified SONY BRAVIA HD REALITY SCREEN. 

ALSO..the xperia has HDMI OUT!!! wow! 


a 12 mp EXMOS R sensor sony camera that does 1080p easily and has super fast shutter rate between pics..thats worth it in its own..a  digital camera attached to phone! and front cam is also HD.


The ion is NFC enabled!! and will make use of it.


The sony looks sleeker..and lets not forget it is PLAYSTATION that means of course you get android games and apps..but you also get access to pay and play playstation uploaded games..and sony says some great titles are on the way...the note cant do this.


Speed wise..both are probably going to run the bench marks on ion just yet..note is fast though.

so all in a bigger screen and stylus worth losing hdmi games...badazz camera...

 ANd like the will be upgradeable to ICS...

Im at a crossroads...

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Re: Galaxy Note

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Re: Galaxy Note

Ion is interesting - hardware-wise it's not so hot, it seems to have the same 1.5 GHz Snapdragon so many other phones are getting.  Maybe it won't be so bad if it's an S4 not an S3.  An S3 at 1.5 GHz isn't very impressive.


However - as much as I hate Sony I've actually considered switching to them for phones given how much support they have given to the CyanogenMod team.  They're actually some of the best supported Cyanogenmod devices at this point.

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Re: Galaxy Note

If its an will be worth buying as stated. should be quick enough..

but its also worth mentioning the Sony xperia of NOT stated to come with corning gorilla glass...and the Samsung Note WILL have gorilla glass...another good point for the Note.

but almost everything else except size and stylus is going sonys way...

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Sony Xperia Ion

Hmmm, I don't see the validity in comparing those two phones...for one the screen size are *WAY* different..and that really is the primary reason for wanting the Note, right? Second, the specs for the sony just don't jibe with what the Note. The Note is far above the sony in every way.

And the final reason, is that the sony phone is...well, made by sony...

Did you forget about the root kit fiasco that sony foisted on their own customers? The issues with sony suing a person for being able to root the PSP? Sony hates you...their customers...this much is why would you subject yourself to their heavy-handedness? It really doesn't make sense....why be a bird in a gilded cage? Not me....Sony is like a pretty flower...that will eat you if you get too close!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Sony Xperia Ion

That Xperia Ion looks interesting... Maybe it would be enough to bring me closer to Android and shun me away from the iPhone bandwagon. Android has been a bit of a disappointment to iPhone which is a year older than my Captivate, is much faster and has a lot less lag; something every phone user dislikes.

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