Samsung Focus (tm) or Samsung Focus Flash?


Samsung Focus (tm) or Samsung Focus Flash?

I am getting a new phone VERY soon (like today or tomorrow) and would like your opinions on which is better. I have found a case I LOVE but it's for Samsung focus i917. I think it might work on the tm. Also which phone is cheaper when you get it at the store? Thanks so much for your help
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Re: Samsung Focus (tm) or Samsung Focus Flash?

You should avoid the original Focus (i917) as it is a first-gen Windows Phone device and there are more features on the second generation devices, such as front cameras and internet sharing.


As far as choosing between the Focus S and Focus Flash, the Flash is kind of like a "mini version." Smaller screen, less storage space, but they still have the same processor so performance should be similar.  I have the Flash, and I prefer it due to the smaller size.

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Re: Samsung Focus (tm) or Samsung Focus Flash?

The original Focus is very nice, but it's slowly beginning to age more and more everyday, now.

I prefer the Focus S's looks over the Focus Flash's. I like the rounded edges of the S. The Flash looks a lot like my Captivate, actually - squared-off edges and the display seems to match very closely. I wish that my Captivate had rounded edges like the T-Mobile Galaxy S. Oh well.

The original Focus is definitely going to be the cheapest when you go to upgrade. The Focus Flash will probably be a bit cheaper than the Focus S, considering the S is a little more high-end.

Good luck with your decision!

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