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Samsung Focus power draining faster when in airplane mode


Samsung Focus power draining faster when in airplane mode

I have a Samsung Focus and I was recently in areas of the Southwest where I knew cell service would be spotty.  I would turn on airplane mode on the phone every morning, thinking this would save battery life.  However, by the evening, my battery would be down to almost nothing.  I wasn't using the phone at all; never even turned the screen on until the end of the day.


So after a few days of this, I left the phone in "regular" mode.  Sure enough, at the end of the day I had almost a full charge.


I didn't have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on at any time.


Any ideas on why the phone uses more power when it's supposedly "off"?  On a long flight, I'm afraid I'm going to arrive with a totally dead phone.

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Re: Samsung Focus power draining faster when in airplane mode

It may be one of the apps that you have installed going nuts when there's no available coverage. There's an app in the marketplace called Spare Parts that will help point out to you what's using up your resources (might wanna Google that in case I'm girl uses Android, not me ;P), so you may want to check that out. Worst case, if you end up hard resetting the device and still have a problem, it's coming from some bit of hardware.

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