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Samsung Focus email issues


Samsung Focus email issues

Greetings all, 


I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue with the Focus. I have setup my work email using IMAP4. The phone receives email just fine however it refuses to display emails in the 'Deleted Items' folder. When deleting emails they are moved to the deleted items folder however when the phone syncs with the server the messages are automatically removed from the deleted items folder. The emails can still be viewed in the deleted items folder on the server however they never show up again on the phone. 


I have only seen one other report of this on the Microsoft boards so I am thinking it might be the server causing the issue (we are using network solutions for email). 


As a side note anyone else disappointed that you can’t edit folder settings and what folders emails are moved to on the phone? Seems like a bad oversight/choice on MS part.

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Re: Samsung Focus email issues

A quick update for anyone reading this. I deleted the account and set it up again as POP3...same issue. It is really odd that it does it with POP3 as well.

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